Font & Type Specimen

Linder Unlimited

A custom made headline typeface for Anna Linder’s research project “Queer Moving Images”. The typeface is outlined, with lines that transitions between the two typefaces used in the dissertation, Montserrat and William. Bastion Lab in collaboration with Sakaria Studio, 2017.

Eurostile Unlimited

Eurostile Unlimited is a part of the Font Unlimited Series that deals with function vs. esthetics. Eurostile Unlimited is developed to question what makes ugly beautiful and if something considered ugly can become beautiful generated from itself. In this case the font Eurostile. Advised by Gerard Unger, Amsterdam, 2006

About the Font Unlimited Series

The Font Unlimited Series is constructed so that the weights of the font are placed on each other, forming a grid. Each letter can play freely within the grid and results in a nearly infinite visual variety of letters and shapes. Each character exists in a ”x” number of variations and is randomly picked when you type with it.

On-going project, 2006 – present

The Treasure Factory 2018 — Stockholm, Sweden