Art & Photography Book

I Mig / In Me

An art and photography book initiated and produced by The Treasure Factory in favor of the Parkinson Research.

"Some things in life are incomprehensible. Parkinson's disease is one such thing. With this book, we want to come closer to understanding - not by facts or medical methods, but by trying to understand the experience of the disease. The contributing writers does not necessarily have experiences of Parkinson's, but they have, like many of us, the experience of the symptoms that together define the disease. Using these fragments, by picking apart and put together, twisting and turning Parkinson's disease, we want to try to understand something incomprehensible."

So begins I Mig (In Me) - an art and photo book seeking to understand Parkinson's disease. By describing the symptoms separately, along with a photo series of realities with a different perspective, approaching the book's subject in an gentle and innovative way.

21 of the 22 writers do not themselves suffer from the disease. However, we all have personal experience of some of the many conditions that are symptoms of the disease. The actor Ewa Fröling describing experiences of anxiety at a planned concert visits. The singer Lill Lindfors tells of a time when she lost her voice before a performance. When symptoms are treated separately, and also not directly related to Parkinson's disease, most can identify with them. The book as a whole, all text and all of the photos together, show the reality of a life with Parkinson's.

Poster, Skuggspel – Bild 6

Poster, Speglingar – Bild 7

Poster, Skikt – Bild 4


Kim Anderzon, Lill Lindfors, Michael Nyqvist, Nina Lekander, Caroline Krook, Ewa Fröling, Carolina Hemlin, Moa Silén, Louise Johansson, Pia Hansen, Stefan Branth, Susanna Lindvall, Oivvio Polite, Maya Wiehe, Tina Thörner, Ylva Maria Thompsson, Madeleine Pegel, Morgan Olofsson, Nasim Aghili, Ulla Josephson Åberg, Bobby Ljunggren, Olle Lindvall, and Carl Kjellgren.


The book is developed by The Treasure Factory in collaboration with Parkinson Fonden (The Swedish Parkinson's Research Foundation) in favor of the Parkinson Research. Idea and concept by The Treasure Factory. All profits go to the Parkinson's Research. For sale at Rönnells Antikvariat, Söderbokhandeln and Konstig. 

Cover: Hardback
Language: Swedish
Number of Pages: 196
Release date: 2012-10-31
Edition: 1
Publisher: The Treasure Factory
Concept & Production: The Treasure Factory / Brita Lindvall Leitmann and Patriez van der Wens
Text Editor: Helena Lindblom and Max Strandlund
Art Direction & Graphic Design: The Treasure Factory / Brita Lindvall Leitmann
Photography: The Treasure Factory / Patriez van der Wens
Photography Assistant: Björn Ivan Ekemark
Printer: TMG Sthlm
Dimensions: 265 x 214 x 27 mm
Weight: 1,020 g
ISBN: 9789198027402

The Treasure Factory 2018 — Stockholm, Sweden