Art Direction & Design

Concept and design for Ful Art Magazine: Skin #1–4 2012

In a maximized Quadruple Issue Ful addresses the body's largest organ - the skin. We see the skin as a contact and projection space, and as a place where politics is exercised. Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes forced. This area is in a constant negotiation between one's own will and the others gaze. What power does one have in that negotiation? How can we do politics with our skin? And who can do it?

Full story will follow later.

Bastion in collaboration with Hanne Lindberg (Bergen) & Alexandra Falagara
Commissioned by Ful Art Magazine
Stockholm, 2013

Nominated in Kolla!, category Editorial Design, 2013

Kolla! 2013
The Treasure Factory 2018 — Stockholm, Sweden